what is URWERK Pre-Owned?

With a production of no more than 150 watches a year you could say all our watches are rare. So we have created a URWERK Pre-Owned collection. The only place to come where you can find officially certified pre-owned URWERK timepieces. No dealers, no grey market, so you can shop directly with the manufacturer.

If you're new to purchasing an URWERK, then our Pre-Owned collection is a great way to find the watch you want for a great price. Or if you're one of our existing collectors who may have missed the chance to buy a particular piece before it sold out, now is your chance.

Along with the peace of mind, you are buying a watch with a full URWERK two-year international warranty, at a fantastic price.


URWERK Quality

The pre-owned URWERKs are fully serviced by our very own watchmakers, the same who created the watches in the first place.
So you will receive your purchase in excellent condition, with each piece, regulated, sealed and cleaned.

We have also created a rating system to be transparent on the condition on the watches, as some scratches or marks cannot be polished out:

UR-0: Unworn-new
UR-1: As new, no or very few signs of wear, the movement is serviced and in working condition.
UR-2: Good condition, minor marks, wear and tear, movement in serviced and working condition.
UR-3: Visible scratches to the case or sapphire crystal, movement in serviced and working condition.
UR-4: Signs of heavy wear on the case or sapphire crystal, possible dents or scratches that cannot be polished, movement in serviced and working condition.

*Please note strap in photographs may differ due to export restrictions*

Moving with the times

So if you're looking for an URWERK then you know you can buy a certified timepiece in perfect working order in confidence from URWERK Pre-Owned. So check out our collection, and shop on our online web store.

At URWERK we believe in moving with the times (no pun intended) and we appreciate that people now want to be able to purchase online and have their goods delivered. You can use a credit card, Paypal and now Bitcoin to make your new purchase.

 *fees are applicable. Or if you would like to arrange a bank to bank transfer please contact us.

Don't see something you want? Send us a message to make a request, and when it becomes available, we will let you know.

Happy shopping from the URWERK team!